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Are your safety precautions enough?

In the current scenario you are doing everything to keep yourself and your family safe. From following unprecedented hygiene protocols to restricting your movement outside of the house to gearing yourself up with masks, sanitizers, face shields et al, you have done it all. But, are you sure you haven’t left any loopholes in your safety?

Think again…

Fire is an imminent and a potent threat that looms inside your house every single day. It lurks around in search of small triggers that can be turned into a blaze. A house has ample fodders for fire to feed upon like a carelessly tossed matchstick, a flickering diya in the mandir, an unattended gas stove and in today’s times when a majority o

f the people are working from home; an added burden of electrical appliances has increased the threat of a short circuit; all of which can cause fire.

While you are doing everything to protect your loved ones from the enemy outside, are you doing enough to tackle the enemy inside your house? Fire safety is a crucial aspect of the overall safety & well-being and thus, one must never overlook it.

Every household must invest in a fire extinguisher because it is the first line of defense against fire. But what’s even more important is to invest in a quality extinguisher that will work at its optimal best when it needs to.

Ceasefire has a range of globally certified extinguishers that come with a warranty cover of 6 years. The designer range of extinguishers is available in a host of colours to suit the décor of the tastefully done homes. These simple to use extinguishers are versatile fire fighters that are effective against all kinds of home fires. Invest in your home fire safety today and keep your home fire safe.

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