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Green Foam For A Greener Future

Updated: Jan 11

Advancing Fire Safety with Ceasefire's Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguishers

Ceasefire's Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguishers

For decades, foam extinguishers have played an important role in combating Class B fires involving flammable liquids. However, they are now under scrutiny due to environmental and health concerns arising from the presence of persistent "forever chemicals” such as PFOS and PFOA. 

Countries globally, India included, are actively moving towards eliminating foam that contains environment-damaging substances. This emphasises the urgent need for a fire safety revolution that places environmental sustainability at the forefront.


"In India, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has issued a draft policy on phasing out foam-based extinguishers containing certain types of ozone-depleting substances (ODS). The policy proposes to ban the manufacture and import of ODS-containing foam extinguishers by 2024 and to phase out the use of existing ODS-containing foam extinguishers by 2028."


Fluorine Free Foam: A Paradigm Shift

Ceasefire's Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguishers

Recognizing the evolving needs of industry and the urgency for environment-friendly solutions, Ceasefire introduces its Fluorine-Free Foam range of fire extinguishers. Aligned with the global trend towards emphasising environmental concerns, Ceasefire’s Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguishers stand as pioneering solutions, reshaping the standards of fire safety. They represent not merely a product but a revolutionary approach to safeguarding lives and the environment.

Ceasefire's Fluorine-Free technology ensures not only unparalleled fire extinguishing capability but also aligns with global environmental sustainability goals. Engineered to provide a safer and more eco-friendly alternative, Ceasefire's Fluorine-Free Foam (FFF) Fire Extinguishers signify a noteworthy leap towards a more responsible and environmentally conscious future in fire safety. With the industry pivoting toward sustainable options, our Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguishers stand as a concrete testament to Ceasefire's dedication to both efficient firefighting and environmental responsibility.

Ceasefire's Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguishers

Key Features

Ceasefire's Fluorine-Free Foam (FFF) Fire Extinguishers are truly an innovation in action. Have a look at its key features - 

  • Fluorine-Free Formulation: Eliminates the use of fluorine-based compounds for an eco-friendly and sustainable fire suppression solution.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Incorporates advanced technology for rapid and efficient fire control while minimising collateral damage.

  • Versatility: Suitable for various fire types, including high-temperature lithium-ion battery fires, providing a comprehensive solution.

  • User-Friendly Design: Engineered for ease of handling, ensuring effective deployment during emergencies by individuals of varying experience levels.

  • Pressure Gauge: Easy-to-read pressure gauge for ease of monitoring.

  • Global Compliance: Meets and exceeds international safety standards, offering a globally compliant solution for enhanced fire safety.

  • Innovation in Action: A paradigm shift in fire safety technology, providing a safer and more sustainable choice for safeguarding lives and the environment.

  • World Class Quality: Comes with ISO 9001 and CE certification, and conforms to ISI standards. Comprehensive Helium Tests and Leak Tests also guarantee that the products you buy are manufactured according to the world's most stringent quality standards.

  • 6-year Warranty: The Ceasefire Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguisher comes with a 6-year warranty ensuring complete peace of mind. 

Embrace the future of fire safety with Ceasefire's Fluorine-Free Foam Extinguishers. For more information on Fluorine Free Range, click here.

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