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Fire safety during Christmas season

While the holiday season is a time for celebration and gatherings, it is also a dangerous time of year for household fires. So, while you sit down to make a list of all the presents you’re going to have to buy and the guests you’re going to invite; don’t forget to make a one relating to fire safety measures as well. And just in case you don’t have a Ceasefire extinguisher at home; t’is the season to gift yourself one.

Here are some fire safety measures for your home, to help ensure you have a safe Christmas.


Memorize your fire escape plan As a host, it’s your duty to keep your guests safe. Make a note of all the fire exits in your building that you can use, in case a fire does break out. Always keep a home fire extinguisher from a reliable brand handy.

Use safety tested electric lights: The beauty of a Christmas tree is in the lighting. Remember to check and double check last year’s light strings for broken bulbs, damaged bulb holders, frayed wiring or loose connections. In case of any damages, it’s always better, and much safer to buy a new set.

Christmas Trees:  Never use lit candles to decorate your tree. Avoid using other decorative baubles that are easily flammable. And always remember to turn off the lights on your Christmas tree before leaving home or going to bed.

Kitchen Safety Christmas is a time for parties and lots of feasting. Which means your kitchen is going to be very, very busy. Make sure you don’t leave the stove or the oven unattended at any time, or forget to clean and de-grease them after you’re done cooking. Oil and grease are known to be a kitchen fire’s best friend.  Candle Safety: Besides making your home look gorgeous, candles also add to the spirit of Christmas. However, it’s important to remember not to use lit candles as Christmas tree decorations; or place them near curtains, other flammable materials or a natural/artificial tree.

A much safer option, is to use artificial candles. Just remember to switch them off once you’re done celebrating.

Follow these tips to have a very merry, very safe, fire-free Christmas! Happy Holidays!

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