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Novel Sanitization System to Counter the Novel Virus

In the war against Coronavirus, Ceasefire presents a novel range of mist based area sanitisation systems that are designed to address the sanitization challenges posed by the novel virus. The Ceasefire Low Pressure Mist Based Area Sanitization Range offers mist based decontamination to undertake large-scale sanitization efforts, in the most effective manner.

The USP of the systems is the super effective mist technology, in which a droplet of the decontamination agent is broken down many times over into extremely small droplets or mist.

There are 3 conspicuous advantages of using decontamination-mist technology for sanitization:

· This process gives the agent an extensive coverage, i.e. it increases the area that a drop of the solution would cover by upto 4 times. This makes the sanitisation process super effective

· Less amount of agent mix is used to decontaminate large areas, making it a superbly efficient technology

· Mist being a fine droplet evaporates much faster reducing requirement for post sanitization clean up

The Decontamination agent:

For the mist to be effective, the decontamination agent has to be equally effective. This is precisely the reason why Ceasefire Sanitization Systems are based on one of the most powerful decontamination agent known - Sodium Hypochlorite.

Widely accepted as one of the most potent germicides; the agent has proved to be effective against a wide range of infectants including the novel Coronavirus.

The Technology:

The system deploys two prime types of propulsion technologies viz: air cartridge based propulsion and motorised pump based propulsion. These technologies provide the kinetic force required by the decontamination agent to come out of the agent container.

The air cartridge based systems use an external cartridge to propel out the sanitization agent. Each cartridge provides 12 sterilization applications and after which it can be easily refilled without any technical assistance.

The motorized pump based systems are more of a ‘plug and go solution'. The pressure needed to propel the agent is created by the motorized water pump which is driven by an electricity supply.

The Range:

Ceasefire Low pressure Mist based Area Sanitization Range on one hand has a compact and portable 9 ltr system and a large sized 100 ltr systems on the other end; with an array of sizes in between so as to make these systems applicable to a varied kinds of premises.

Here is a glimpse of the wide range of products that constitute the Ceasefire Low Pressure Mist Based Area Sanitization Range:

1. Air Cartridge based System:

2. Motorised Pump based Systems:

Application Areas:

The system can be used for a range of premises like schools, hospitals, offices, private clinics, factories, residential societies, mall, buses and stands, isolation wards/ quarantine centres to name a few.

Based on the frequency of sanitization needs, size of the area to be sanitised and the person undertaking the sanitization efforts; premises can pick their ‘kind of sanitization equipment’ so as to undertake successful decontamination efforts and execute a successful drive against the Coronavirus.

To sum it all up; with Ceasefire Low Pressure Mist Based Area Sanitization Equipment on your side, Clean Sweep is Just a Spray Away!

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