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Opened your business but still concerned about effective sanitization? Here’s what you should know.

Now being in unlock 2.0 and with restrictions being lifted people are slowly getting back on their feet. However, the rising rate of infection is demanding that we become more conscious and keep our guards up against this deadly virus.

Everyone is conscious of the fact that to keep the economy going one must adapt to the new ways of life and follow all prescribed norms to keep the rampant infection at bay. Keeping the surfaces sanitized is the most crucial aspect of winning the war against Coronavirus.

Every space is a unique with respect to the risks and hazards involved. On one hand, there are places like hospitals that are extremely high on risk because they are beaming with people with compromised immunity. Thus, hospitals must ensure that all its sanitization efforts are on war footing levels. IPD and OPD premises, reception, billing desk, pharmacy must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized regularly and frequently.

OT’s and ICU’s are other high-risk zones inside a hospital. These places have a low influx of people but the inhabitants here are extremely weak and fragile. Such spaces require deep sanitization on an on-going basis to keep a check on the virus.

On the other hand, an office operates at a moderate risk and requires periodic cleaning of high-density areas. Apart from following the prescribed safety guidelines the stakeholders of such buildings must regularly sanitize the high-density areas like pantry, cafeteria, entry and exit points, parking, work area, washrooms and more.

Factories are another high-density area as a large number of staff goes in and out of the factory in various shifts and a single source of infection can cause a large-scale transmission. Strict hygiene and sanitization efforts in the canteens, staff transportation vehicles, reception and other areas where workers aggregate will go a long way in ensuring an uninfected environment for the people to work in.

The rate at which Coronavirus pandemic is affecting our country has made it imperative for all premises to invest in sanitization system to keep their edifices infection-free and safe for the people who come and use these areas.

Residential societies, railway station, bus stands, standalone shops, super markets, malls, clinics, hospitals, offices & airports must all invest in area sanitization solution that is easy to use and refill and super effective against the Coronavirus like the Ceasefire Low Pressure Mist Based Area Sanitization Range.

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