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5 must-do's to make your work space fire safe!

1) Know your Fire Extinguisher

Knowing a fire extinguisher is a stepping-stone to efficient fire fighting. Fire is classified into classes and each class of fire has its own properties. Using a wrong extinguisher on fire can have serious repercussions and at times, it may cause the fire to spread.

All extinguishers are colour coded and have a list of the classes of fire that they extinguish displayed on the extinguisher itself. This helps in identifying the suitability of the extinguisher against fire in just a glance.

2) Learn how your Fire Extinguisher works

After knowing the extinguisher, it is important to know how it works. Using a fire extinguisher is as simple as saying the word ‘PASS’’.

PASS- The golden rule in fire fighting.

3) Place your Fire Extinguisher wisely Always place the fire extinguishers strategically near the fire exits and spaces that are prone to fire so that there is no loss of time in getting the extinguisher to the site of fire fighting.

4) Check the health of your Fire Extinguisher regularly

Check the health of fire extinguishers regularly. A pressure gauge installed on the extinguisher gives a preliminary status of the system readiness. If the needle in the pressure gauge is in the green zone, all is well. If it is in the red zone, then one must call an authorized service professional. A regular AMC package ensures a regular health check of the extinguisher as well as its proper servicing & maintenance from time to time basis.

5) Ensure you have a well-practiced fire safety plan

​Regular fire safety drills ensure that there is a well-rehearsed response to fire so that in case of any untoward instance there is no scope of any confusion.

Knowledge is the best weapon against fire. Stay aware, stay fire safe!

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