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  • Water is fire’s oldest enemy. The best extinguishing agent known to man. It has a theoretical cooling ability of 2.6 MW per litre per second. But in a real fire situation, such tremendous cooling power can only be achieved with hundreds of litres of water. Because nearly 80% of the water escapes the fire zone without evaporating. Water’s immense firefighting power can be optimally utilised only by complete vaporisation in a fire environment.

    To achieve this, water must be broken down into microscopic molecules that have a surface area coverage many times higher than water. These droplets (about 150 micrometres in size) must then be delivered to the fire with a kinetic force strong enough to overcome fire’s own convection currents. The result: a powerful, reliable and efficient extinguisher.

    Ceasefire now brings together all these features and creates the Water mist based Compressed Air Foam System; the best firefighting weapon ever designed. Ceasefire's Water mist based Compressed Air Foam System features a high technology gun which breaks water up into miniscule droplets. These droplets are then delivered through micro nozzles with a high degree of dispersion onto the flames, allowing you to fight even very large fires successfully.

    With Ceasefire's Water mist based Compressed Air Foam System, nearly 100% of the mist turns into steam and evaporates. This key process stops the fire from spreading and eliminates post fire collateral damage such as flooding.

    The mist also acts as the perfect barrier against thermal radiation, giving increased protection to the firefighter. Ceasefire's Water mist based Compressed Air Foam System is also safe to use on Class B fires like petrol and diesel, and electrically started fires - two areas where traditional water applications would either spread the fire, or cause an electrical shock.


    These systems are available in 10 Ltr. backpack and 50 Ltr. trolley-mounted variant, both in Stain Steel bodies. 



        EN -3 

      EN- 1866

    9 Ltr

    27A - 55A, 233B


    50 Ltr


    21A- 43A, IIB

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