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Atom X Pre- Engineered Retrofittable Fire Suppression System

Atom X Pre- Engineered Retrofittable Fire Suppression System

  • Understanding the evolving demands of unique work and other commercial spaces, Ceasefire presents the next generation specialised fire suppression technology. Ceasefire Atom X neither demands any structural change nor consumes your productive floor space, as this innovative system is mounted on the ceiling of the space. 


    The system is an automated smart network of ceiling mounted agent containers, an array of detection devices and a control panel.


    Ceasefire Atom X suppression system is available in: HFC 227ea, Clean agent Fluoroketone (FK) and ABC Dry powder MAP 90. 


    The flagship feature of the Atom X system is its intelligent fire detection and actuation module. The detection module of Atom X can be configured using a wide variety of detectors depending upon the risk hazards of the premises. These detectors may include smoke detectors, beam detectors, heat detectors, or others depending upon the need of the premises and all interact with a central control panel. 


    The Atom X actuates on the principle of cross-zoning. Only when two or more detectors from two separate zones confirm the fire episode to the control panel, the panel sends an activation signal to the system. The activation signal is sent to the Metron Actuator of Atom X in the form of an electrical impulse to actuate the system. What makes the Atom X truly versatile is that all Atom X units are triggered simultaneously to achieve total flooding results.


    Coverage Area/Volume:


    2 Kg

    5 Kg

    10 Kg

    15 Kg


    3 m3

    7.5 m3

    15 m3

    22.5 m3



    3.65 m3

    10 m3

    20 m3

    27.2 m3


    10 m2

    40 m2

    60 m2

    132 m2

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