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  • Protects you from inhaling toxic and poisonous smoke inhalation. 
  • Helps navigate through the fire without sustaining serious burn injuries.
  • Provide clean, breathable air supply for a life saving 15 minutes.
  • While attempting to escape from a fire, there are two things you need protection from. The first is smoke. Toxic and poisonous, smoke inhalation is your first and most critical concern. The second is the fire itself. In order to survive, you must be able to navigate through the fire without sustaining serious burn injuries.

    Ceasefire’s Escape Gear is designed to protect you against these very forces. Each Escape Gear Pack contains two Fire Escape Masks and two Fire Escape Blankets. Together they provide the protection to escape safely from the smoke and fire.

    Ceasefire Fire Escape Gear, Mild Steel Box size 425mm × 360mm ×140mm, Epoxy powder coated to protect it from weathering.

    Smoke Hood: Tested to European Standard EN 403: 1993-S, Known to reduce Carbon monoxide, propenl (acrolein), hydrogen chloride, hydrogen cyanide and solid & liquid toxic particles to manageable level for at least 15 minutes, shall withstand temperatures upto 80° Deg, Single Use only.

    Fire Blanket Size: 1.2m × 1.8m, Used to cover any vessel containing the fire completely, Used to extinguish a clothing fire wrap blanket around victim.

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