LancePro - Hammer drill Equipped Watermist Based Fire Fighting Guns

LancePro - Hammer drill Equipped Watermist Based Fire Fighting Guns

  • Fights Class A, B, C, F and electrically started Fires
  • Ensures safety of the firefighter with remote access
  • Watermist ensures no collateral damage
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  • Ceasefire brings to you Ceasefire Lancepro. Ceasefire Lancepro is a revolutionary fire fighting system that comes to address some of the biggest challenges faced by anyone fighting a blaze in a building complex. Lancepro can also be used directly in case of open fire, whilst maintain a safe distance from the blaze and protecting the goods from collateral damage.

    The innovative Ceasefire Lancepro uses Watermist technology enabling it to be used safely on all types of fires including electrical
    fires. Water in mist form also increases the surface area of water many times over facilitating heat absorption and taking the firefighting
    power manifold by rapidly bringing down the temperature to below combustible levels and cutting off the oxygen supply.

    Having a drill machine along in the Lancepro kit makes it convenient for the fire fighter to douse off the fire in an enclosed area without physically coming in contact with it. A small orifice is all you need to ensure the security of the fire fighter who can quench the fire without actually entering the enclosed space. The drill comes with two bits – one for drilling in concrete surface and another for metal  surface drilling. Once the opening is made  by the drill unit of Lancepro the watermist gun is inserted through the opening and watermist is discharged. The two types of guns specialize in administering watermist into the fire zone from a horizontal (from the wall) and vertical
    (from the roof) angle, respectively.

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