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  • Often, when a fire breaks out in any large premises, the first line of responders are the ones at maximum risk. Firefighters need a firefighting system on their side. One that fights its way into sealed off spaces, battles the flames, controls collateral damage and keeps the firefighter at a safe distance.

    The Ceasefire Lancepro is powered by Watermist technology. The firefighter makes an opening in the wall with the system kit’s rotary hammer, inserts the Lancepro gun and uses the power of Watermist to extinguish the fire.

    • Fights Class A, B, C, F and Electrically started fires.
    • Ensures safety of the firefighter with remote access.
    • Watermist ensures no collateral damage.
    • Two drill bits for use on metal or concrete surfaces.
    • Environment-friendly. Ideal for rapid reaction
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