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  • Designed to help firefighters take on the largest fires, the Morph is a range of advanced nozzle guns that convert water from fire trucks and hydrants into Watermist, thus increasing its firefighting power manifold.

  • The Converter-This nozzle is ideal for grass fires and bush fires as it dispenses Watermist with a wide throw.

    The Transformer-This nozzle is ideal for use by firefighters on light, fast response fire trucks to extinguish Class A, B, C and F fires, as well as Electrically started fires. It can also be used on storage tanks to convert them into Watermist hydrant systems.

    The Morpheus-This nozzle is the real deal. It expels Watermist with the most pressure, the most throw and the most reach. It is designed to extinguish Class A, B, C, F as well as Electrically started fires..

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