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  • It is designed to extinguish Class A, B, C, E and F Fires
  • It help firefighters take on the largest fires
  • Watermist ensures no collateral damage
  • A range of advanced nozzle guns that, upon being attached to an existing hydrant system or fire truck, converts water into the revolutionary extinguishing agent, Water-mist. Multiplying the power of fire truck or water hydrant and allowing them to take on large fires with ease.

    Ceasefire Morph converts the water into Watermist making it absolutely safe to use on energized equipment's and above all else, human lives. Watermist also increases the coverage area of water to fight fires many times over, taking the firefighting power of the fire engine or hydrant system many notches higher. Rapidly bringing down the temperature to below combustible levels, and cutting off the oxygen supply.

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