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Server Quick Response System (SQRS) - With Optional IP Module

Server Quick Response System (SQRS) - With Optional IP Module

  • Servers are at the heart of data centers and large organisations. Not just for these companies but for hundreds of their clients' businesses. Keeping this in mind, the Ceasefire SQRS has been specifically built to the specifications of a server rack. Which means it concentrates on protecting the server itself, rather than the macro environment around it.

    It is designed to protect the server against damages due to fire and not just to stop the fire. Power of this system is in its speed of detection and activation which does not allow fire the time to grow and damage anything.

    The system is installed within the micro environment of a server rack. When the detectors sense a rise in temperature above normal levels, or particles of smoke or a change in the quality of air in the contained server space, the detectors activate the system and the extinguishing agent (HFC 227ea) is discharged. As it activates, a hooter goes off, warning personnel about the fire.

    All components of this system including the detectors, controls, extinguishing agent cylinders and alarm devices are packed together as one modular unit.

    For high air flow server racks the system comes with a Highly Sensitive Smoke detection option. The optional IP Module gives the user the power to monitor the health of the system through web on a computer or a smart phone and receive email alerts and alarms in case of emergencies

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