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  • Ceasefire SWIFT has been specially designed for commercial enterprises.

    The USP of the system is that it uses Watermist, which causes no collateral damage, ensuring that business operations are up and running at the earliest.

    Available in flexible system configuration options, SWIFT provides the most efficient protection for all business premises with the benefit of cost-effectiveness.

    Featuring automatic activation, it can even be integrated with electricity shut off valves and relays to trigger the fire alarm.

  • 24-hour Protection : Automatic detection and actuation controls ensure fire protection is always ‘up’.

    Multiple Triggers : The system can be triggered either by the manual actuation system or the automatic detection system.

    Highly Effective: Watermist prevents re-ignition by cooling down the temperature of the surrounding area.

    Minimal Downtime : The clean water leaves no toxic chemicals, nor does it damage equipment and furniture, reducing post fire damage and ensuring that operations are up and running at the earliest.

    Unobtrusive Design : Flexible piping configurations allow for a streamlined design and convenient installation that will not interfere with office workflow.

    Highly Flexible : Available in a variety of sizes that can be customised as per the application, SWIFT’s flexible configuration and design can easily accommodate changes to the layout or expansion of the area.

    Highly Reliable A fully assembled and 100% tested mechanical control head ensures reliable operation. A pressure gauge on the steel cylinders marks the gas levels so maintenance staff can replenish it whenever required. Protective chrome nozzle covers keep nozzles free from contamination and blockages that could inhibit the proper discharge of the extinguishing agent.

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