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360 degrees fire and security solutions
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Over 400 fire, security and project solutions. 1 company.

The Ceasefire AI Centre is fitted with state-of-the-art technologies, designed to give you an authentic firefighting and security experience, in real time.

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  • About

    At the heart of Ceasefire is a philosophy – to give our customers the freedom to live their lives without fear. With a commitment to create products at the forefront of new age technology, we bring this philosophy to life.

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  • Home

    Emergency situations change from premise to premise, which is why when it comes to safety and security, you need to turn to the experts.

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  • Commercial

    Backed by over 2000 highly trained and qualified personnel manning over 90 branches, Ceasefire offers a gamut of 360 degree solutions for complete protection – from office buildings to malls and complexes.

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Client Speak

  • Loved the watermist technology in Ceasefire SWIFT suppression system.

    Prabhpreet S.
    Manager,Escorts Ltd.
  • Low pressure based mist suppression systems are very effective in manufacturing facilities.

    B. S. Yadav
    DGM (Safety),Hero Moto Corp Ltd.
  • Watermist based fire suppression system for kitchen hoods is very effective.

    Aadesh Garg
    DGM (Electrical),Jaypee Associates Ltd.
  • Really impressed by Ceasefire's sincere attempts towards understanding fire & continuous R&D.

    S. Shahed Mahmood
    Head U&ESS,National Remote Sensing Centre
  • Ceasefire's newly developed extinguishers i.e. watermist, quick response system etc, are very good.

    N. K. Gupta
    A.E. (E),MTNL
Our Completed Projects

360 degree

safety solutions
for any premise.

Ideal systems and devices for protecting different micro-environments, recommended by the experts.

  • Homes

    Let no threat breach the front door.

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  • Offices

    Bring down the risk to zero.Ditto for downtime.

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  • Factories

    Nothing should get between your supply and demand.

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  • Hotels

    Add 5 star protection and security to your premises.

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  • Hospitals

    It takes the right safety systems to save more lives.

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  • Data Centres

    Protect you staff and the servers at the same time.

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  • Residential Societies

    No hawkers or intruders allowed.

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  • Schools

    Upgrade the security to the next level.

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    Because in a life and death situation, there’s absolutely no room for error. Learn more.


    In a fire situation, an empty or even partially used extinguisher, is useless.Learn more.


    New developments in Firefighting technology are taking place at Ceasefire.Learn more.


    Operation Ceasefire teaches you everything about a fire, and fight it.Learn more.

All the information you need to protect yourself from danger.

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Real life fire situations thoroughly investigated by the experts.

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    Everything you need to know about Ceasefire.

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    Be a part of Asia’s largest fire and security company.

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    Watch Ceasefire’s extinguishers and systems in action.

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  • From the Ceasefire World

    The latest in firefighting, security and technology, curated from the Ceasefire blog.

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