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Battle Against Fire is Won with TIME!

Fire is man’s biggest invention and yet nature’s fiercest fury. In just a matter of seconds a small fire incidence turns into an inferno and engulfs everything that comes in its way. Thus, battle against fire is won by swift and timely action. Fire has fury and speed by its side. The best way to beat fire at its game is by catching it at the nascent stage. There are three distinct stages in which spark turns into a blaze. Each stage has its own characteristics which define the modality of its fire-fighting.

Stage 1 - Ignition Stage: This is the initiation point of fire. This stage begins when heat, oxygen and a fuel source combine and have a chain chemical reaction resulting in fire.  This is also known as “ignition”. At this point the fire is very small. It spans from the initiation of fire to up to maximum of 10 mins. Here, the fire grows swiftly and rapidly. It is best to cease fire at this stage itself. Fire extinguishers can be effectively used to douse off fire at this stage.

Stage 2- Critical Stage: From about next 10-20 mins fire moves rapidly. It grows in scale and a covers large area. The increased might of fire can be effectively challenged via sophisticated sprinkler systems.

Stage 3- Blaze Stage: This is the final stage of fire. The fire is at its full fury. At this stage competent fire fighters can handle the fire. Thousands of liters of extinguishing agent is needed to douse the fire at this juncture.

An interesting fact about fire is that it does not grow linearly. It grows exponentially. It doubles in the first min, quadruples in the next and grows thirty times over in the following.

Thus, the best way to fight fire is to kill it when it starts. At this time the fire is easy to extinguish and the collateral damage is minimal. As the fire progresses, it makes firefighting difficult an also increases the chances of collateral damage.

Fire Extinguishers are our first line of defense against fire. One must be equipped with a fire extinguisherat all times at all premises. This not only ensures our safety and well-being but also saves tangible and non-tangible assets.

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