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Fire Safety Tips for the Workplace

No modern day office is complete without adequate fire safety protection in place. Here are a few fire safety tips to keep your workplace and staff safe from fire.

1. Keep your desk clean and free of trash, waste paper, paper cups   or   any other items that can catch fire. 2 . Remember to detach chargers and other plugs from their sockets when they are not in use. 3. Don’t overload your circuits  4. Turn off electrical appliances at the end of each day. 5. Heat producing equipment like coffee makers, computers and photocopy machines need to be at a safe distance from any combustible items 6. Practice the fire safety drill in your office. In the Event of a Fire 1. Call 108 immediately, inform them and listen to their instructions 2. To stop smoke from spreading, close doors when exiting. 3. Smoke rises up so crawl wherever needed to retain visibility 4. Never use elevators during an evacuation.  5. Follow the escape plan and meet at a pre-determined place outside the building and away from the fire 6.  Conduct a  head count to ensure that  your staff is safe. The best way to ensure the safety of your staff is through fire prevention and preparation. Talk with your staff about fire safety in the workplace today  to learn more about emergency situations in the workplace.

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