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The Changing Face of Fire

With evolving times, fire has also evolved. Gone is the time when a flicker of a candle or a carelessly tossed matchstick were major causes of fire. Now-a-days electrically started fire is one of the most common types of fire. What makes this type of fire extremely dangerous is that it goes undetected until it turns into an inferno.

Here is a look at some of the most ghastly fires that happened in the year passed by and delve deep into what caused these fires to flare up!

Feb 13, 2019 -Arpit Palace, Karol Bagh, Delhi

A ‘significant delay’ in alerting the fire department, inflammable material used in the building, ‘complicated’ locking systems of the windows and the staff’s inability to fight the flames resulted in a large number of casualties in the blaze at Hotel Arpit Palace in Karol Bagh.

17 Killed in Massive Fire at Hotel Arpit Palace in Delhi's Karol Bagh

Feb 2019- Ghaziabad Eatery

Sparking in the building’s power meter ignited fire that engulfed the entire building within 10 minutes. Fire started at night so there was no human casualty, but the entire building was burnt down causing loss worth crores.

May 2019 – Surat

A short-circuit followed by a massive fire near the staircase, trapped the students of the Surat coaching center killing 17 young and budding lives in a very painful and a shocking manner.

Surat fire -22 killed in coaching center blaze

August 2019- AIIMS Delhi

A small spark was all it took to burn up AIIMS, Delhi. The fire started at a building that was near the emergency ward. Luckily, all lives were saved but at the cost irreparable damage to property.

AIIMS fire: Inferno put out after 6 hour operation involving NDRF, 34 fire tenders

Micro environment suppression systems are an ideal solution for this type of a fire hazard. These advanced systems protect micro environments like MCB, electrical panels and wiring trays or other enclosed spaces that are prone to fire.

These systems detect and extinguish fire as soon as it starts, even before anybody comes to know about it. Thus, increasing the overall safety of the premises.

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