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Protect what is most precious

Imagine you are away in your office and there is a fire at your home. What would you do? Rush back home, make frenetic calls to the fire stations, call up neighbors, or just turn numb!

Fire is an inevitable enemy. It can attack any one, anytime, anywhere even your home. Modern Indian homes are becoming increasingly fire prone. The high-rises are the way of urban dwelling. Fire in a single house puts the entire building at risk and evacuation becomes an extremely daunting task.

The urban households are laden with modern equipment, which consume high wattage of power. A slight short circuit in any of these can flare up the entire house. All of these add up to the growing fire hazard level of the Indian homes.

The nuclear set up in the urbane homes has left children and elderly spending most of their time alone at home. The dependent inhabitants are not adept in handling the panic situation like fire all by themselves. This is precisely the reason why children are increasing becoming the victims of home fires.

This makes it imperative for the households to invest in ample fire safety devices to stop the fire while it is still small. The first line of defense against fire is a fire detector. Detectors are the first ones to catch the faintest incidence of fire by catching the early signs like smoke, heat etc. Households must install detectors in fire prone areas to catch fire as soon as it erupts.

The second must for any household is a fire extinguisher. It is simply the most crucial firefighting equipment for any premises. Fire extinguishers can kill fires while it is still in nascent stage. This not just saves property from fire but more importantly, it saves lives.

A fire extinguisher is a low maintenance and easy to use equipment. Even a child can operate it, all by itself. Now-a-days, fire extinguishers are available in aesthetically pleasing colors and designs to appeal to the sensibilities of the modern Indian décor.

The technical advancement in the fire safety domain has taken firefighting capabilities to the next level. Today, there is an array of automatic and modular firefighting solutions available, which are designed while keeping in mind the fire threats associated with an Indian home.

These automatic systems work on advanced heat sensing tube based detection and automatic actuation. This enables these systems to work in an autopilot mode i.e. they do not require any human intervention.

These suppression systems guard the spaces that are most vulnerable to fire like a Domestic Kitchen Fire Suppression Range which guards the cook tops in the kitchen, In-panel Fire Suppression Systems to fire proof the electrical panels & MCB’s from where the electrically started fires start.

Both, manual firefighting equipment and an automatic fire suppression system take the fire safety preparedness of any premises a few notches higher. To choose between the manual and an automatic firefighting technology is a personal choice; but keeping in mind the elevated fire hazard level of our homes, investing in fire safety is not a choice anymore.

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