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Home Fire Safety – where it’s most ignored

As per Industrial Safety Review, on an average in India every year, about 25,000 persons die due to fires and related causes and residential is the leading property type for fire deaths and is mainly due to fire safety negligence and unawareness of safety procedures to be followed in case of an occurrence. The first and best way to avoid fire accidents is to make sure you don’t leave a possibility of them around you. Incidentally, fire lead through electronic appliances or instruments is most common but certain fundamental monitoring in our day to day routine can help avoid such fatalities.

Do make sure –

All your electrical appliances are in good condition i.e. without any loose or tattered cords / wiresNo outlet  / plug point must be overloaded with multiple inputsTo always use correct wattage appliances in respective outletsTo regularly check the automatic fuse system in your electric meter but by only a qualified electricianNever let kids use electronic appliances without  adult supervisionIf you have toddlers and young children at home, do cover the plug points with proper safety covers

Second place in the house that is prone to flames is kitchen. A designated place where we use the same fire to help us in our daily nourishment but if gone out of hand can lead to enormous loss.

Keep in mind –

Never ever leave food unsupervised on a stove or ovenNever ever keep a kitchen towel/ napkin too close to the stoveNever ever wear loose clothes while cookingNever ever leave gas cylinders on when not in useNever ever leave matches or lighters within the reach of kids​ Nonetheless, if you follow these simple tips do also inculcate safe cooking habits in kids as these safety practices embedded at a young age tend to last lifelong.

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