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Understanding fire ratings of an extinguisher:

To be able to pick up a fight, one must know the ammunition first. Fire is a ruthless enemy. In order to challenge the might of fire, it’s important that you know what the extinguisher is worth. Every fire extinguisher carries a rating. Fire rating is a testimony of firefighting power of an extinguisher. It is a true assessment of its extinguishing property. It denotes two variables; the type of fire and the strength of fire that an extinguisher can quell.

The fire rating is denoted as a number followed by an alphabet. For example 55A means an extinguisher can extinguish class A fire of size 55. 255 B rating means the extinguisher can quell class B fire of size 255. The general rule implies higher the fire rating better will be its firefighting power. 

Fire rating is the single most important aspect of fire safety planning. Basis these ratings, the fire safety plan of premises is made. An extinguisher with higher rating can be used to safeguard a larger area as compared to an extinguisher with lower rating.

The fire rating test is prescribed by the statutory bodies and a strict protocol is laid out to conduct the test procedures.

So how is fire ratings arrived at? Standards define a highly specific method of conducting the test.  The comprehensive list details out all the variables like type of fuel, moisture content of the fuel, quantity of fuel, the pre-burn time, maximum extinguishing time and observation time among others. This comprehensive protocol if followed well gives the firefighting power of an extinguisher in ideal conditions.

But what’s important is adhering to the protocol The protocol itself is very comprehensive. However, it becomes a risky proposition when brands do not adhere to the prescribed protocol. The fire rating tests should be conducted under supervision and in authorized labs only, ensuring the results are never compromised.

De-rating Factor The fire rating checks the extinguishers firefighting prowess in ideal conditions.  Real fire situation is chaotic and the firefighter could be amateur. To account for these challenges in real fire, rating of the extinguisher is de-rated 2.5 times. So the actual firefighting power of an extinguisher is 2.5 X less fire rating in test conditions. Ceasefire conducts its fire tests in EN certified labs; that conform to the fire rating protocols. The impeccable product line of world class fire extinguishers has superior fire rating as compared to other brands available. The superior fire rating of Ceasefire extinguisher  can easily accommodate the 2.5 X fire de-rating and still be among the most powerful and efficient extinguisher. 

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